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Punta Sueños CC & R's

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Consideration, Common sense and Respect underlie the intent of Punta Sueños' CC&Rs

1. Only single family residences allowed.

2. Generators must have a noise limit of 70 decibels at 20' and can operate between 8am to 10pm, October 16 through May 31, (excluding special events and nights over 85 degrees). June 1 through October 15 will have no limits on generator use.

3. No Pit Bulls, mean, roaming or incessant barking dogs shall be tolerated within Punta Sueños boundaries. Pets in general shall be under the direct supervision of their owners who are directly responsible for damages caused by their pet(s) and for immediately cleaning the areas of their pets' excrement. Protection of our environment is a priority!

4. Residents are responsible for their guests.

5. RV living is allowed only during residence construction.

6. Infrequently (less than once per week) used vehicles or trailers shall be stored indoors or in designated storage areas or outside Punta Sueños.

7. Non-essential or infrequently used items to be screened from neighbors' view.

8. Outside clothes drying to be as discreet as possible.

9. The speed limit of vehicles within Punta Suenos' boundaries is 10 (ten) miles per hour.

10. Only Punta Sueños' motorized vehicles allowed on beaches (for maintenance, construction or security).

11. Any use of common areas is at the risk and responsibility of the owner and his guests and neither the Homeowners' Association nor Punta Sueños S. de R.L. de C.V. shall have any responsibility in this respect for accidents which may occur in them.

12. Owners and their guests may freely share designated vehicle parking spaces with a seven day limit.

13. Lots and homes purchased after April 21, 2005 and resold within four years of the date of purchase must give 8% of the net sale (after other commissions) back to the Home Owners Association. After five years of ownership 4% of the net sale will be given back to the Home Owners Association.

14. Part-time rentals with a one month minimum are allowed provided owner assumes full financial and legal responsibility of their tenants and their tenant's actions inside Punta Sueños' boundaries and gives Punta Suenos permission to vacate unruly tenants after one notice to such tenant(s) for non-compliance.

15. No livestock can reside on premise.

16. Requests for variance shall be submitted in writing to Punta Sueños (prior to establishment of Homeowners' Association) and shall be considered on a case by case basis. Consideration will be based on neighbor and community impact only.

Punta Sueños CC&R's
Amended March 7th, 2007

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