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Construction Guidelines

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Building plans that require permits are to be submitted for approval to the Punta Sueños Architectural Review Committee prior to submission to the Municipal building department. (The Architectural Review Committee will be established after January 2004.)

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1. Building setbacks: 5 (Five) feet from property boundary, 15(Fifteen) feet from arroyo grade break. Building is defined as a structure intended for human use over 3 (Three) feet high. Grade break is defined as the intersection of the average plane of the lot with the average plane of the arroyo bank.

2. Building height limit: 17 (Seventeen) feet from native ground. Excavation below native ground is allowed to increase actual interior building height.

3. Excepting delays caused solely by others or acts of nature, exteriors of structures to be completed within 4 (four) years of commencement of construction unless specified in sales contract.

4. No exposed concrete block on exterior finish.

5. Free-standing walls greater than 3 (Three) feet high and less than 10 (Ten) feet high are allowed on or adjacent to property lines between the footprints of adjacent houses only.

6. Satellite dishes and solar panels shall be within the 17 (Seventeen) foot height limit.

7. Surface drainage shall not be diverted or concentrated onto adjacent lots without energy dissipaters approved by Punta Sueños.

8. Exterior lighting shall be indirect to other lots.

9. Waterfront lots shall have homes with stone and or stucco finish with flat or clay tile roofs. Palm roofs may be allowed when the design specifications indicate a minimum 20 (twenty) year life.

10. Exterior finish colors shall be earth-tones or pastels.

11. The exterior of all structures on each lot must be maintained on an annual basis. This to include roofs that have broken or missing tiles or palms, windows that are cracked or broken and exterior wall surfaces that are chipped, bubbled or peeled. Superficial cracks are exempt. If repairs are not made on an annual basis after notification in writing to owner, home owners association (h.o.a.) may complete repairs and bill owner cost plus 20%. If owner does not reimburse h.o.a. property may be liened to recover expenses.

Requests for variance (numbers 1-9) shall be submitted in writing to Punta Sueños and will be considered on a case by case basis based on the impact to the immediate neighbors(s) and or community. Number 10 (Ten) shall be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee.

Punta Sueños Construction Guidelines
Amended March 7th, 2007

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