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All of our access and interior roads have been smooth surfaced with one of the finest road base materials in Baja. The material comes from a quarry close to the property.

Source - Water is supplied by big wells one mile east of Mulege and we have contracted for delivery to Punta Suenos. The current cost is 3.5 cents/gal. and we expect the price to drop to 2.5 cents/gal. as our use increases. We own a large diesel water truck with a 4,000 gallon tank awaiting importation. It will be used as an emergency back-up.

Storage - We have 6 reinforced concrete storage tanks that are built into elevated hillsides and faced with native stone. These tanks are coated with a non-toxic sealer approved for potable water in the United States. The tanks are interconnected so they may be serviced without service interruption and with a total capacity of approximately 40,000 gallons. The average household use is 50/gal./day with a design capacity of 250 gal./day/lot.

Delivery - Water is delivered by gravity thru a 3" PVC schedule 40 pipe to each lot with a low pressure rate of 100+ gal. /min. The 3" pipe is reduced to a 5/8" bronze water meter in a valve box at the entry of each lot for homeowner connection. The homeowner may boost water pressure with a small pressure pump.

Highly sophisticated engineered septic system designs are included in your purchase price. These system designs can allow (with optional pump and aeration chamber) 100% use of all waste water for subterranean irrigation of landscaping and orchards on your site. No waste water will be allowed to migrate towards our beaches or ocean!

We have wireless systems installed and additional systems will be installed as needed. We have a buried 2" conduit to each lot for future use for telecommunication, power, etc.

Electrical power is supplied by the sun as the average rainfall is 6 inches per year which gives us plenty of year round sun for solar use. We have a wholesale relationship with D.C. Power Systems in Healdsburg, Ca. They are one of the largest solar system distributors in the United States. We pass our costs and design help without mark-up to our buyers. Solar system costs range from $6,000-$15,000. Quiet generator back-ups range from $1,000-$6,000. We have energy efficient appliance sources to recommend to our home builders.

Garbage can be picked up at your property entrance and taken to our own offsite sanitary landfill.

Homeowner's dues will be less than $500/yr. to be set by a Homeowners Association. These dues will include maintenance and security. Property taxes will be paid by the homeowner and will cost approximately $11.00-$45.00/yr. The property taxes are based on the size of the lot.

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